Establishing a social brand authority is essential in today's age.

Algorithm n Blues uses digital marketing tools to understand and create relationships with your target audiences on social.


We employ research strategy

Identifying what social platforms your audiences use, and how they engage on those platforms determines whether social is a viable option for your digital marketing efforts.

Let us analyze your business's social scenario.

We craft experiences that resonate

From social ads to your daily social posts, our strategists are trained in strategic content development.
Improve how your social content relates to your audience's, building brand affinity

Reach out now.

We track our performance and refine our process

Our social content strategies are well-planned, and our content ideas stand out.

We track how much time goes into each piece of content, as well as the engagement / ROI of each project. Our team compares the results of each content idea, and illustrates which pieces of content work well for your industry. More so, we track performance to show our clients how a certain recipe of content planning and development can increase the quality and quantity of your business's engagement on social.

Social Programs

Social Advertising

Use paid advertisements on social sites to increase the traffic and influence of your business.

Topical Development

Our specialists utilize real-time tools and marketing insights to develop topics / content that matters to your audience(s).
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