Garner a digital following for your brand

Establishing groups of loyal brand advocates is ideal for any business.

Algorithm n Blues has a straight-forward process for gaining a digital following, and broadcasting to your audiences.

1. Identify your audiences

Algorithm n Blues uses market insights and research tools to identify which websites and social media platforms your audience(s) frequent. Our team uses this data to create "persona sheets", which label characteristics and buying habits of your audiences.

2. Target your audiences

After identifying your audiences, our specialists turn the demographic research into strategic targeting.

3. Content development

In this step, our strategists work to achieve your brand awareness goals. Whether your goal is to increase blog effectiveness, grow your social followers, or just reach out to potential customers online, Algorithm n Blues has a special plan for your business.

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4. Reach your audience

Once we have established a plan for who to reach [audience], where to reach them [placement], and what content to show them [content development], the Algorithm n Blues team will setup the brand awareness campaign in entirety (or work hand-in-hand with your internal team).

5. Tracking & measurement

Measurement is vital to improving any digital campaign. That's why Algorithm n Blues uses the latest advances in tracking codes and split test organization.

Our team is dedicated to constant improvement, and setting up things right the first time.
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