Our SEO compensates for an ever-changing world of search.
See how Algorithm n Blues develops flexible SEO plans unique to each client.

Plans filled with execution strategy.

The SEO process

SEO is the process () of earning an entity (brand, business, person)
credibility with search engines and searchers.

Credibility Increased influence = More visibility

There are dozens, if not hundreds of SEO tactics that can be used to help businesses rank.

How SEO fits into your business

It’s important to know what SEO services are right for your business. Before we craft an SEO plan, we research, and ask ourselves a few questions. This helps us indicate:
a) whether search is a viable channel for your business, and
b) what SEO services will benefit you best

SEO is all about creating content in a way that pleases search engines and searchers.

So what sets Algorithm n Blues apart?

Our research

From the start, the Algorithm n Blues team conducts research that contributes to the well-informed decisions that we make.

Our collaboration

The way that our team collaborates alongside our clients’ is one of the most important features of Algorithm n Blues.

Our SEO’s are extremely skilled at identifying what team members need to be involved with each task. More so, we make sure to involve our client as needed for each project, keeping them up-to-date with any info needed or campaign progress.

Our SEO experience

The Algorithm n Blues team has worked with clients in all sorts of sectors and industries.

Industries: Audio/visual, construction, food manufacturing, healthcare, HVAC, government, etc.

Business service types: Local-service, B2B, e-commerce, residential, commercial, industrial, etc.

Over time, our team has learned how to diagnose the pre-existing problems with a client’s content, as well as which SEO services will benefit the client’s business the most.

Our services

Onsite optimizations
Tags(Meta, Header, Image alt)
Schema markups
Link Management
High level building(News publications, Authority blogs)
Low level building(Directories, forums)
Link Audit
Other SEO services
Social profile optimizations
Content – Topical development

Our plan

Our team has a distinct plan for helping businesses gain visibility on search.

Diagnose client’s industry, competition, and products/services

This research will set the scene for all of the SEO work that we will do. We determine important keywords through a KPA (keyword performance analysis), understand your audience through persona profile sheets, and develop other documents to guide our work throughout the program.

Diagnose your repertoire of digital content (website, social profiles, news mentions)

Our team searches for any mentions of your business / brand in the digital world. Afterwards, we meet with the client, present the data, and determine which pieces of content have the most opportunity for gaining visibility.

Optimize current content, making it easier for search engines and searchers to find / engage with that content.

Our team has technical competencies of the latest and innovative codes for your content. We help your purposeful content get found!

Establish a SEO foundation for your business’s future digital content.

Through market research and critical thinking, our team helps businesses create memorable content that stands out, which leads to real customer value.

At Algorithm n Blues, our passion is to:

  • Provide results
  • Communicate results that make sense to our clients
  • Communicate results that matter to our clients

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