Market research gives us understanding. Strategy and persistence turn that knowledge into results.

Blaine Hurtado, CEO of AnBlues
At Algorithm n Blues, we're constantly using new digital marketing strategies to evolve the way that marketing is done online. We understand our client's problems first, and then utilize revolutionary digital marketing tools and knowledge to increase a client's bottom dollar.

And, we setup goals and tracking at the beginning of our programs to measure that ROI every step of the way.

Digital marketing and development are at the core of our service offerings. This means that we specialize in tested, efficient, secure, ROI-focused work.

Uncover - Stage 1

(Week 1)

Our team performs a digital analysis of your brand, and its assets online. Typically, a client lets us know some preliminary goals they have for their digital marketing. Our team then utilizes several digital tools to understand your markets, influencers, competitors, and products/services. We then use this information to build profile sheets for each of your prospective audiences.

Deduction - Stage 2

(Week 1)

Logical deduction is the process of using facts to determine a reasoned conclusion. In this stage, our strategists start with a few questions, and use the information from "Uncover" to determine the right direction for your digital marketing plan.

A few questions we ask:

  1. Where are your ideal audience(s) spending time online? Blogs, publications, social media?
  2. Does your audience actively search for your products/services online?
  3. If they are on social, what platforms do they use? Facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc.
  4. Are there any opportunities in terms of organic or paid search that competitors aren't focusing on?


(Week 2)

In the collaboration phase, our strategists work directly with your team to establish a game plan. During this meeting, we'll present the uncovered data, and share our plan for accomplishing your business objectives. We then collaborate with your team and customize a scope of work that is agreed on by both parties. As discussed previously, the scope will be based on your initial goals, as well as the digital areas of opportunity for your business.

Implementation and Communication

The implementation phase is where all of the action happens. Work shifts from strategy, to concrete actions taken by our team. Our strategists work hand-in-hand with our implementation team to ensure that your vision is syndicated throughout the entire process.


Evaluation is the final stage of our strategy, but the process always repeats itself. We'll evaluate our progress towards your goals every 3 months to make sure we're on track with our deliverables. We're always optimizing to get the most out of your money, and achieve the highest level of results at the lowest costs.

Side Note: Flexibility
Algorithm n Blues is always dedicated to exceeding your goals. That's why our scopes are flexible. Therefore, if a particular service isn't performing as expected, our agency is willing to revise the scope of work to bring you the best possible results.

Interested in our marketing strategy? Please let us know!